Ground-breaking painted solar panels

Ground-breaking painted solar panels

Solar Cell

Typically, a solar cell comprises multiple electrical components including solar cell cathode, photosensitive layer, solar cell anode, diode N, diode P, Battery catode, Ion bridge,Battery catode, transistor, resistor, conductor, etc. Conventionally, these components are fabricated by layering crystalline silicon structure on a substrate such as plastic, glass and metal. The fabrication of a traditional solar cell requires highly specialized equipment and worker Also the crystalline silicon structure of the solar cell is prone to mechanical shock.

A recently published patent application from Google discloses ground-breaking painted solar cell. The painted solar cell contains paintable electrical components. The paintable electrical components are produced in a liquid form by infusing specific materials with specific fluids. For example, a resistor is fabricated by infusing carbon black in an aqueous solution of acrylic material to obtain a resistor paint. Similarly, other components of the solar cells are components are produced in a liquid form.

Thereafter, the electrical components are painted on a surface in a predetermined manner to obtain a painted solar cell. Specifically, a photosensitized layer is painted between a painted solar cell cathode and a painted solar cell anode. Then, adjacent to the solar cell anode, a battery cathode is painted with the ion bridge and battery anode. The whole painted structure is covered with painted transparent protective layer. Each painted layer provides electrical conductivity to the adjacent layers, thereby enabling the operations of the solar cell circuit.

The flexibility in creating a solar panel by painting surfaces and the ability to transport solar panel components like fluids in containers could possibly revolutionize the solar energy marketplace. This invention will help in installing solar  panels in remote areas as well.

Patent Information
Publication Number: US20190165274A1
Patent Title: Paint circuits
Publication date: 2019-05-30
Filing date: 2017-09-15
Inventors: Katy Kasmai, Haydn Kirk Vestal
Assignee: Google LLC