NASA has invented a soundproof panel for aircraft engines

People living or working in buildings near airports may soon be free from the loud sounds from airplanes. NASA has invented a soundproof panel for aircraft engines.


The patented soundproof panel suppresses engine noise to a great extent. The soundproof panel is designed to absorb sounds from jet engine such as specific tones of the turbine or compressor and general broadband noise.


The panel includes multiple chambers of a geometry such as hexagons. Factors such as the number, area and shape of these chambers are designed to allow absorption of sound of specific frequencies coming from a jet engine.


This allows the panel to absorb sounds over a broader range of frequencies compared to existing sound absorbing panels.

With this technology, buildings near airports may soon get rid of expensive soundproofing installations. And soon, moving-in near an airport may not be such a bad idea any more.


Patent Information
Publication number: US 9334059
Patent Title: Acoustic panel liner for an engine nacelle
Publication date: 10 May 2016
Filing date: 5 Jun 2014
Inventors: Michael G. Jones; Douglas M. Nark; Earl Ayle; Fumitaka Ichihashi;
Applicant: The United States of America as Represented by the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration