Remote real-time baseball gameplay using hologram players

This patent disclosed technology that enables real-time baseball gameplay between a first team associated with a first baseball field and second team associated with a second baseball field. The two baseball fields are located remotely from each other.

Each field includes pitch sensors, fielding machines and pitching machines to receive, in real-time, the pitch information from the other field and release/catch balls in response. Holograms are used to mimic players on one field from the other field.

Specifically, the method includes receiving, in real-time, manual pitch information sensorily obtained from a first field. The method further includes automatically pitching on a second field, in response to the receiving, based on the pitch information. The method additionally includes receiving, in real-time, manual hit information sensorily obtained from the second field based on the automatically pitching. The method also includes automatically fielding on the first field, responsive to the receiving, based on the hit information. 1















Patent Information
Publication number: US 9233294
Patent Title: Baseball technologies
Publication type: Grant
Publication date: Jan 12, 2016
Filing date: Dec 12, 2013
Inventors: Thomas J. Coyle
Original Assignee: Thomas J. Coyle

1 US9233294