This patent from Nike puts a coach right under your feet

This patent from Nike puts a coach right under your feet. Achieving excellence in sports needs a lot more than a “Just do it” attitude. And this week Nike patented a smart shoe that can measure your athletic performance and let you know of your progress. The shoe is equipped with sensors to measure parameters like speed, acceleration, direction of motion etc. capturing your entire performance in the minutest detail. The capture data is then relayed to a mobile app that processes it and displays performance analytics. A user can set goals such as how much distance is to be covered and at what speed and regularly monitor their performance. This data can also be shared with other users and comparative analysis performed. In this way, the invention can memorialize a user’s past achievements to provide the user with positive feedback to inspire future athletic performance.















Patent Information

Publication number: US 9224291
Patent Title: Athletic performance user interface
Application number: US 13/896,826
Publication date: 29 Dec 2015
Filing date: 17 May 2015
Inventors: Hector Moll-Carrillo;
Original Assignee: Nike, Inc.