Uber cool patented hovercraft design

PatentYogi_Cool Hovercraft_US9108612


Patent Information:

Patent Number – 9,108,612
Patent Title – Hovercraft with multiple, independently-operable lift chambers
Inventors: Gregory; John (New Oxford, PA), Wagaman; Woodrow (Hanover, PA)
Family ID: 51728157
Appl. No.: 13/867,599
Filed: April 22, 2013

Abstract – The invention is a hovercraft with multiple lift chambers which are operable independently of each other. Independently-operable pivot arm assemblies connect each lift chamber to the hovercraft main body, and his gives the hovercraft the ability to travel over uneven surfaces, traverse obstacles that would block conventional hovercrafts, and climb or descend even severe inclines. The hovercraft also includes side thrusters which allow it to maintain its vertical position on an incline while traveling laterally across the incline.