Facebook to function as a matchmaker

Facebook to function as a matchmaker

Facebook is designed to connect people and help build relationships. So you are connecting with people online via Facebook but you maybe are shying away from meeting people physically in the real world. The main reason behind this is the fear of getting rejected in initiating a social activity. Moreover, some effort is involved in planning and coordinating a meeting. A recently published patent application from Facebook indicates that Facebook will help in finding a perfect match for you to hang out with.

Facebook will analyze your profile to find other users who would be interested in hanging out with you based on your common interests. Facebook will then send messages to the identified users to check if they are interested in connecting with you for a particular activity, such as going for dinner, going for a date, going for a movie, and so on. Then, Facebook will analyze the responses from the users and suggest you meet at least one of them at a suitable location at a specific time. You can also deny the recommendation if you are not interested.

This should be pretty cool as Facebook has one of the largest people databases in the world. I am eagerly waiting for Facebook to launch this feature.

Patent Information
Publication Number: US20190190874A1
Patent Title: People Matching for Social Activities on an Online Social Network
Publication date: 2019-06-20
Filing date: 2017-12-15
Inventors: Ashot PETROSIAN, William M. Ruben
Assignee: Facebook Inc