Tech Solutions to Keep Your Office Safe

Tech Solutions to Keep Your Office Safe

Everybody wants to keep their home and family safe, but have you thought about how you can do the same for your employees and office? Of course, that will be easier for some people than for others. If you have a hybrid setup (as many do), it can mean that your office might be empty for long periods of time during the week, at regular intervals, which might be inviting to burglars and vandals.

Alternatively, you might not be in the office some days, but your employees are, and you will want the peace of mind that they will be safe while you are not there. While, of course, nothing is guaranteed, you can use technology to help you out and give you some additional reassurance in these areas.

Video Doorbell

While most people who turn up at your office will have entirely innocent intentions or have already scheduled appointments, you still want to keep those with less-than-friendly ambitions on the outside. By using a video doorbell, you can see who is there and communicate with them regardless of whether you are in the office or not. This also gives you the opportunity to check their ID without opening the door and having to speak to them face to face.

You will also have the additional peace of mind of having a camera covering the area directly in front of your office so you can see if anybody is doing anything untoward in your outside space if you have it or stealing any packages that may have been left outside in a designated area.

Sonic deterrent

Sometimes, just seeing what those hanging around outside your office are up to is not enough, and you would rather that they did not loiter around there in the first place. Even acting entirely innocently – large groups of youths can feel intimidating, and asking them to move on in person could be a risk you might not want to take. Rather than having to endure this, you might find that by investing in a solution like the mosquito device, you can move them on without leaving the office or even have them know that it was you that wanted them to leave.

This is because the device emits an irritating noise at a frequency that can only usually be heard by younger people; they will simply move out of range to avoid it.

Outdoor lighting and cameras

In addition to the video doorbell and the sonic deterrent, you might also want to install a video camera (or maybe more). This can keep track of what is going on around your office property while you are out or asleep indoors.

The exact setup that you use will depend on the surveillance level you are after, but motion-detecting lights backed by cameras will record any malicious behavior. Most burglars can spot fake cameras quite easily, so you will probably have to go for the real McCoy. Security is not the only benefit here, as you will find that the additional lighting will make it far safer for anyone coming to your office at night – when you most likely aren’t there.