Failsafe Operation Of Eye-Mountable Device (US20150362755)


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This invention relates to a failsafe mode of the smart contact lens. The smart contact lens is capable of adjusting the focal distance to different accommodation states such as near field, mid-field and a far field state.  The focal distance is automatically adjusted based on a user’s gazing direction. However, a certain accommodation state may not be appropriate in all circumstances. For example, a near field accommodation state to provide vision accommodation for objects at close distances may provide a danger if the lens remains in near field accommodation in a failure condition. This is dangerous in situations like driving a motor vehicle or riding a bicycle in which distance vision is needed immediately for safety.

The health of the smart contact lens and associated circuitry is continuously monitored to detect shutdown condition, power loss, or malfunction of the auto-accommodation operation. When a failure condition is detected, the accommodation state is set to a failsafe focal distance of far field vision. This generally allows a user to safely handle any situation. The smart contact lens remains in the failsafe mode until a positive command for leaving the failsafe mode is received or a certain period of time has expired or upon successful completion of a health check.















Patent Information
Publication number: US20150362755
Patent Title: Failsafe Operation Of Eye-Mountable Device
Publication type: Grant
Publication date: 17 Dec 2015
Filing date: 11 Jun 2015
Inventors: Shungneng Lee; Daniel James Yeager; Jennifer Han; Nathan Pletcher; Brian Otis;
Original Assignee: Google Inc.