Patent No - US 3,922,552 Diagnostic X-ray systems (Inventor - Robert S Ledley)

US 3, 922, 552

Diagnostic X-ray systems
US 3922552 A

Publication number US3922552 A
Publication type Grant
Publication date Nov 25, 1975
Filing date Feb 15, 1974
Priority date Feb 15, 1974
Also published as CA1025131A1, DE2506377A1
Inventors Robert S Ledley
Original Assignee Robert S Ledley

A machine for examining the interior of a patient which includes a movable support for the patient, a frame having an opening adapted to circumscribe the patient, a shutter assembly, an X-ray beam source mounted on one side of the opening with a detector unit mounted on the opposite side of the opening such that a beam emitted by the source passes through the patient prior to reception by the detector. The machine includes mechanisms for rotating the framework about the patient while there is a relative translational movement of the X-ray source and receptor relative thereto. The apparatus also includes mechanism for tilting the framework such that other-than-vertical planes may be examined. The opening of the machine is sufficiently large to receive a human body and eliminates the requirement of water bags and other such paraphernalia commonly associated with equipment of this type.