Self-replicating materials

NYU patents an artificial self-replicating material

Scientists at NYU have patented an amazing material that can self-replicate and self-assemble into new forms of matter. The invention uses a microscopic seed having a specific structure that dictates chemical and physical interactions of the seed with a medium such as colloid. These interactions lead to recognition, specific attractions, repulsions and arrangement into different configurations. By subjecting the seed to a cyclic process, self-replication can take place producing a macroscopic object. Properties of materials obtained through such self-replication may be controlled by encoding corresponding information into the seed.

















Patent Information
Publication number: US9206471
Patent Title: Self-replicating materials
Publication type: Grant
Application number: US 12/482,823
Publication date: 08 Dec 2015
Filing date: 11 Jun 2009
Inventors: Paul Michael Chaikin; David Pine; Nadrian C.Seeman
Original Assignee: New York University

2 US9206471