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Problems solved by this invention
The number of people who have been infected with sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, has grown rapidly over the last decades, therefore, the need for safer-sex aids has reached critical levels. Female and male condoms are not always available during the moments prior to the initiation of sex acts, and when available, are not always used properly. Many are unaware of the proper use of or do not have proper access to condoms and sexual aids, such a lubricants. Condoms, although effective if properly used, can only cover the penis and do not provide protection for the areas surrounding the genitalia, nor can they prevent the intermingling of body fluids. Therefore what is needed, is a safer-sex device which is highly effective in preventing disease transmission by educating sexual partners, limiting the exchange of body fluids and disease producing microorganisms, and providing the appropriate sexual aids to assist in a reduction in disease-transmission.


Solutions provide by this invention
The invention comprises a system or kit that includes an undergarment often made from a breathable, absorbent material which has an opening in the crotch area to allow insertive or receptive sex. The undergarment contains at least one pocket that may contain condoms, flavored gels, lubricants, or any other sexual aids, and that may also includes an informational brochure that may discuss safer sex practices or STD information, e.g., symptoms, statistics, and treatment information. The pocket is on the interior side of the undergarment or on the exterior of the undergarment, and may include a cover flap or some means to secure the pocket.


Patent Information
Patent Number: US 6694980 B2
Patent Title: Prophylactic garment system for safer sex
Application number: US 10/074,505
Publication date: Feb 24, 2004
Filing date: Feb 11, 2002
Priority date: Feb 11, 2002
Fee status: Lapsed
Also published as: US20030150463
Inventors: Amy Lee Anderson


Abstract: A prophylactic system or kit that prevents the transmission of disease-producing microorganisms and spermatozoa by acting as a sexual barrier and sexual aid. The invention comprises an undergarment that allows sex acts while the garment is worn and that absorbs the fluids associated with the sex act, at least one pocket, sexual aids, and safer-sex information.




Here is another patent, that provides an apparatus for measuring sexual arousal.


Patent Information
Patent Number: US 6050959 A
Patent Title: Apparatus and method for measuring sexual arousal
Application number: US 09/079,309
Publication date: 18 Apr 2000
Filing date: 14 May 1998
Priority date: 14 May 1998
Fee status: Lapsed
Also published as: WO1999058052A1
Inventors: Robert D. CardAbstract: An apparatus and method for sensing the swelling and shrinking of an elastic member based on movement and the angular changes to the surface of the elastic member between one or more portions of the surface thereof. The apparatus includes first and second parts which cooperate to produce an electrical signal indicative of the angular and distal positioning of the respective parts, with one of the parts preferably being a Hall effect device and the other a magnet. At least one part is mounted on a flexible base which attaches to a first portion of the surface of the elastic member for movement therewith with the other mounted for movement with a second surface portion of the elastic member. The apparatus and method are particularly adapted for use on a male penis and female breast for estimating sexual arousal based on the swelling of such body parts due to engorgement with blood which accompanies sexual arousal.