Event of the Day - October 19 is celebrated as Mother Teresa Day in Albania

October 19 is celebrated as Mother Teresa Day in Albania. Here is a plant patent for a Chrysanthemum plant named ‘Mother Teresa’.


PatentYogi_Mother Teresa















Patent Information
Paptent Number: USPP13678 P3
Paptent Title: Chrysanthemum plant named ‘Mother Teresa’
Publication type: Grant
Application number: US 09/821,100
Publication date: Mar 25, 2003
Filing date: Mar 30, 2001
Priority date: Mar 30, 2001
Also published as: US20020178476
Inventors: Subodh Kumar Datta
Original Assignee: Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research
Abstract: The present invention relates to a novel hybrid plant of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat christened as ‘Mother Teresa’ and having dwarf, bushy, compact round shaped., profuse blooming habit, producing white Anemone type flowers with distinct white ray florets and creamish white disc florets, green foliage with few white streaks and requiring neither ‘Pinching’ nor ‘Staking’.