Amazing. Sony did not learn any lesson from failure of BluRay, they are still working on optical storage media.

PatentYogi_US 9082430_Optical information recording medium


Patent No – US 9082430
Patent Title: Optical information recording medium
Inventors: Takeuchi; Atsushi (Miyagi, JP), Owada; Katsuya (Park Ridge, NJ)
Assignee: Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC (Redmond, WA)
Family ID: 1000001214040
Appl. No.: 14/127,243
Filed: April 18, 2013

Abstract: An optical information recording medium includes a substrate that has a recessed portion on a surface thereof, a recording layer, and a reflective layer. By combination of ranges of an optical density of the recording layer and a depth of the recessed portion of the substrate, degradation of reflectance is suppressed.