Amazon patents a method to determine depth in photos

PatentYogi_US 9077891_Depth determination using camera focus


Patent Number: US 9,077,891
Patent Title: Depth determination using camera focus
Inventors: Baldwin; Leo Benedict (Cupertino, CA)
Family ID: 1000000330328
Appl. No.: 13/787,608
Filed: March 6, 2013

Abstract:  A computing device can capture a plurality of images using a camera of the device, each image being captured with a different focus setting of the camera. In some embodiments, the capturing the plurality of images can be performed during an autofocus process of the camera. The device can determine depth information, such as a position of relative depth, for each of the plurality of images based on the state of the camera when each image was captured. Depth information for any object(s) in focus in a respective one of the plurality of images can be determined to correspond to the depth information for the respective image.