Amazon patents granted on 01 April 2014

21 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to Amazon

18,689,345Mitigating forgery of electronic submissions
28,689,225Attributing causality to program execution capacity modifications
38,689,214Replication of machine instances in a computing environment
48,689,189Systems and methods for testing widgets
58,689,130Text field input
68,689,109Facilitating access to functionality via displayed information
78,689,099Cross-domain communication
88,688,912Management of object mapping information corresponding to a distributed storage system
98,688,837Dynamically translating resource identifiers for request routing using popularity information
108,688,732System for mining research data
118,688,666Multi-blob consistency for atomic data transactions
128,688,660System and method for providing enhancements of block-level storage
138,688,603System and method for identifying and correcting marginal false positives in machine learning models
148,688,598System and method for visual verification of order processing
158,688,545Fail-safe ordering
168,688,541Promoting an online auction to users based upon bidding history
178,688,540System and method for fulfillment services coordination
188,688,524Tracking online impressions to offline purchases
198,688,508System and method for evaluating correction submissions with supporting evidence
208,687,104User-guided object identification
218,686,594Method and system for establishing a power feed to systems during operation


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