Apple patents technology to make everyone look cute in all photographs!


Ever been annoyed by the fact that you look so picture perfect in some photos but look bad in many others.

Well, there isn’t much you could do other than hope and pray while gazing at the camera.

That’s until now. Enter Apple’s latest patent that can put you in complete control of how you are being photographed.

This technology from Apple recognizes when a camera is being pointed at you and automatically changes the settings of the camera to make you look your best.

It uses face recognition techniques to detect your presence in the camera view and retrieves preferences specific to you. In these preferences you may specify settings such as shutter speed, exposure time, sharpness, contrast/brightness and also any special effects filter to be applied. Once these preferences are retrieved, the camera takes the picture strictly according to the preferences, giving you that classic sepia look in every picture, if you so wish.

For example, if you have freckles, you can store settings to remove freckles. Alternatively, you can store settings to remove wrinkles or add a tan to your skin, so and so forth.

What more, you may also specify what is to be done with the picture after it has been processed, like uploading it to your social network account.

With this tech. from Apple, you won’t have to worry about being clicked by a bad photographer anymore!

Patent Information

Patent number: 9,055,276
Patent title: Camera having processing customized for identified persons
Inventors: Parulski; Kenneth Alan
Assignee: Apple
Filed: July 29, 2011