Apple has been granted 48 patents today covering the hands-free operation of MAC OS and automatically making people look cute in photos.

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MAC OS may soon go Hands-free!

Granted Patent : US 9052743: Motion tracking user interface 

All Apple fanboys and fangirls out there have one more reason to brag about.

MAC OS may soon be a hands-free operating system. That’s right, no more mouse or key board or holding strangely shaped objects to use your computer. Just turn your head naturally to a displayed object like a window or an icon and that object comes into focus automatically.

The technology works by tracking motion of a body part that you can specify and using it to infer an object of interest on the screen.

Initially, the camera takes your picture and displays it on the screen. You may then specify what part of the body you wish to be tracked by selecting on a part on the picture, say for e.g. the head or the eyes. This selection itself can be made without any keyboard/mouse input by simply moving that part of your body that you wish to be tracked.

Once the body part is specified, the technology starts monitoring it for movements and automatically shifts focus from one object to another as you move your head to look at it.

When this new feature gets implemented, using your iMAC or MACBook will look and feel just as cool as these devices themselves.

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