Boeing invents a technique to hit targets in their "balls"

Missiles have been used in combat for centuries prior to the development of guided missile technology in the World War II era. Since then numerous technologies have been developed in order to guide missiles to their targets, like laser guided missiles.

However, the missiles are quite costly, so it is ever more imperative that each missile that is fired is as effective as possible.

Boeing has developed technology that uses multiple aerial vehicles for recon missions. The data from these recon missions is used to identify the target. Once the target is identified, the system generates aimpoint data which indicates the sweet spot “or the balls” of the target. In other words, the aim point data defines the most vulnerable point on the target. For example, the location of the engine room, the control center, the ammunition storage or other vulnerable areas on the target. Missiles are then launched and guided to hit at the aimpoint.

This technology will increase the efficiency of missiles several fold.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 20160202354
Patent Title: Methods and Apparatus for Providing A Dynamic Target Impact Point Sweetener
Publication date: Jul 14, 2016
Filing date: Oct 26, 2015
Inventors: LJames V. eonard; Shirley N. Cheng; Michael G. Neff;
Original Assignee: THE BOEING COMPANY