Disney plans to use drones for carrying projectors at Disneyland

Disney imagineers are developing new experiences by using drones at Disneyland.

The recent patent indicates that they plan to use drones for carrying projectors at Disneyland. These drones may fly over visitors at the park.

The drones carry a projector along with a rear-projection screen. The projection screen has a level of opacity and other physical qualities that enables it to function as a rear-projection surface. The light is projected onto the rear surface of the projection surface to generate a displayed image visible on the front surface.

PatentYogi_Disney plans to use drones for carrying projectors at Disneyland1

In addition, the patent discloses using mirrors, cylindrical projection screens etc. to create various visual experiences for the audience.  These drones can be used to display instructions, advertisements or videos.

Here is a projector drone from another company.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 9,405,181
Patent Title: Projection assemblies for use with unmanned aerial vehicles
Publication date: 2 Aug 2016
Filing date: 31 Jul 2014
Inventors: Clifford W. Wong; Michael J. Ilardi;