Facebook may soon use its users as brand ambassadors

This patent application from Facebook reveals technology that detect brands within images uploaded by users. These brands are detected using advanced computer vision. Once a brand is detected within a user’s image, it is promoted to the friends of the user as a sponsored story. So if a user is photographed at a Starbucks, the photo along with some promotional material is sent to the user’s friends. Such a sponsored story is far more interesting to the user’s friends compared to a static advertisement, because it contains a real-life photograph of the user interacting with the brand.
















Patent Information
Publication number: US 20150365487A1
Patent Title: Computer-Vision Content Detection For Sponsored Stories
Publication type: Grant
Application number: US 14/838199
Publication date: 17 Dec 2015
Filing date: 27 Aug 2015
Inventors: Justin Mitchell; Samuel Odio; David Harry Garcia;
Original Assignee: Facebook, Inc.

6 US20150365487