Fujitsu patents granted on 08 April 2014

53 US patents granted on 08 April 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,695,107 Information processing device, a hardware setting method for an information processing device and a computer readable storage medium stored its program
2 8,695,051 Video quality monitoring method, distribution server, and client
3 8,694,871 Iterative decoding method for encoded signal and iterative decoding apparatus for encoded signal
4 8,694,838 Cache memory, processor, and production methods for cache memory and processor
5 8,694,679 Control device, method and program for deploying virtual machine
6 8,694,580 Information processing apparatus, server selecting method and recording medium
7 8,694,481 Computer product, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
8 8,694,460 Movement determination apparatus and movement determination method
9 8,694,289 Bayesian model generating computer product, apparatus, and method
10 8,694,176 Power control method, and power control apparatus
11 8,694,045 Radio communication apparatus and transmission power control method having first retransmission phase and second retransmission phase
12 8,694,038 Mobile station and antenna verification controlling method for mobile station
13 8,694,035 Communications system and method for determining an exclusion zone in proximity to a wireless communications system
14 8,694,006 Base station, mobile station, handover method, and download method
15 8,694,004 Base station, mobile station, communication system, and reordereing method thereof
16 8,693,999 Communication apparatus, maintenance system, maintenance method and computer program
17 8,693,898 Adaptive equalizer, optical receiver, and tap coefficient correcting method
18 8,693,892 External modulator monitoring device and external modulator monitoring method
19 8,693,891 Optical modulation apparatus and optical modulation method
20 8,693,887 Optical transmitter and optical transmission system
21 8,693,874 Transmission system and method of correcting tilt of the transmission system
22 8,693,870 Control apparatus, polarization multiplexing light modulator, light transmitting apparatus, and method of controlling polarization multiplexing light modulator
23 8,693,794 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
24 8,693,604 Receiving apparatus and receiving method
25 8,693,510 Optical transmitter and optical transmission apparatus
26 8,693,491 Packet transmission device, signal terminating device, communication system, and communication method
27 8,693,443 Method for allocating wireless resource, base station, and mobile station
28 8,693,440 Apparatus and method for allocating packets to a plurality of carrier waves
29 8,693,426 Communications apparatus and communications system using multicarrier transmission mode
30 8,693,399 Gateway apparatus, node apparatus, communication system, and channel switching method
31 8,693,343 Relay apparatus, virtual machine system, and relay method
32 8,693,337 Base station, mobile station, communication system, and reordering method thereof
33 8,693,325 Radio communication system, radio communication method, gateway apparatus, and radio station
34 8,693,313 Apparatus and method for switching between redundant communication devices
35 8,693,307 Wireless communication system, transmitter, receiver and wireless communication method
36 8,693,222 DC-DC converter, power supply unit and an information processing apparatus
37 8,693,202 Flexible printed circuit and touchscreen
38 8,693,083 Micromirror unit and method of making the same
39 8,692,926 Focus adjustment based on indicator of randomness of pixel values
40 8,692,875 Biometric data acquiring device and biometric authentication device
41 8,692,764 Gesture based user interface supporting preexisting symbols
42 8,692,724 Communication apparatus
43 8,692,634 Switch device and connector
44 8,692,616 Operational amplifier, analog arithmetic circuit, and analog to digital converter
45 8,692,411 Wireless electric power supply method and wireless electric power supply apparatus
46 8,692,386 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and electronic device
47 8,692,331 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
48 8,692,154 Method of manufacturing electronic component lead using laser beam
49 8,692,146 Touchpad of an electronic apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
50 8,691,699 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor device
51 8,691,654 Semiconductor device having stressor film and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
52 8,690,528 Counter-rotating axial flow fan
53 8,690,287 Printer and medium for storing printing control program