Google patents granted on 01 April 2014

50 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to Google

1D701,870Portion of a display panel with transitional graphical user interface
28,689,327Method for characterization of a computer program part
38,689,252Real-time optimization of advertisements based on media usage
48,689,251Content recognition for targeting video advertisements
58,689,200Method and system for optimizing an executable program by generating special operations for identical program entities
68,689,141Dynamic user interface for navigating among GUI elements
78,689,125System and method for automatic information compatibility detection and pasting intervention
88,689,117Webpages with conditional content
98,689,098System and method for organizing recorded events using character tags
108,689,016Tamper prevention and detection for video provided over a network to a client
118,688,984Providing content to a user across multiple devices
128,688,857Filtering messages based on pruning profile generated from pruning profile schema
138,688,782Social group suggestions within a social network
148,688,727Generating query refinements
158,688,720Method and apparatus for characterizing documents based on clusters of related words
168,688,716Recommending pairwise video comparisons to improve ranking
178,688,715Resource identification from organic and structured content
188,688,714Resource identification from organic and structured content
198,688,713Resource identification from organic and structured content
208,688,712Personal media database
218,688,706Topic based user profiles
228,688,705Large scale machine learning systems and methods
238,688,704User feedback in people search clustering
248,688,698Automatic text suggestion
258,688,697Identifying contrarian terms based on website content
268,688,688Automatic derivation of synonym entity names
278,688,687Hypertext browser assistant
288,688,681Identifying internet protocol addresses for internet hosting entities
298,688,669Content item searching and retrieval
308,688,667Providing intent sensitive search results
318,688,602Metadata generation based upon extraction of information from full text of books
328,688,590System and method to strengthen advertiser and consumer affinity
338,688,519Targeting mobile applications through search query mining
348,688,514Ad selection using image data
358,688,499System and method for generating business process models from mapped time sequenced operational and transaction data
368,688,485Low fare search for ticket changes using married segment indicators
378,688,450Disambiguation of contact information using historical and context data
388,688,379Method and system for generating drive time isocontours using nested graphs
398,688,377System and method of using automatically-identified prominent establishments in driving directions
408,688,374Hiking suggestions and planner
418,688,306Systems and methods for vehicles with limited destination ability
428,687,903Depthmap compression using a primitive
438,687,877Locking geometric and camera parameters in image-based three-dimensional modeling, and applications thereof
448,687,654Method to packetize an encoded video frame
458,687,062Step-stare oblique aerial camera system
468,687,018Collection and confirmation of place metadata and graphic representations of fixed objects displayed in a mapping system
478,686,995Path planning for street level navigation in a three-dimensional environment, and applications thereof
488,686,992Methods and systems for 3D shape matching and retrieval
498,686,924Determining whether a wearable device is in use
508,684,760Power cord with anti-theft assembly


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