Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 01 April 2014

43 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

18,689,318Trusted computing entities
28,689,281Management of context-aware policies
38,689,227System and method for integrating capacity planning and workload management
48,689,226Assigning resources to processing stages of a processing subsystem
58,689,096Computer-based method, software module and computer program product for processing information in transaction-tax related applications
68,689,056Method and system for providing customer service information
78,689,049Corrective actions based on probabilities
88,689,044SAS host controller cache tracking
98,689,000Use of certified secrets in communication
108,688,933Firmware component modification
118,688,904Method for managing data storage
128,688,890Bit ordering for communicating an address on a serial fabric
138,688,838Profile management systems
148,688,821Automatic transmission of support information from storage apparatus
158,688,800Remote configuration of persistent memory system ATT tables
168,688,728System and method of searching a corpus
178,688,723Methods and apparatus using range queries for multi-dimensional data in a database
188,688,620Anomaly detection in data centers
198,688,288Managing an infrastructure housing disaggregated heat sources
208,688,037Magnetic latching mechanism for use in mating a mobile computing device to an accessory device
218,687,983Laser communication system
228,687,975Integrated circuit with optical interconnect
238,687,961Optical broadcast with buses with shared optical interfaces
248,687,792System and method for dialog management within a call handling system
258,687,241Method for security printing
268,687,238Determine modified printer profile by selectively changing color saturation to balance ink usage
278,687,236Ink restriction determination
288,687,213Data filtering for print service providers
298,687,193Color measurement device
308,687,186Nanowire-based systems for performing raman spectroscopy
318,687,068Pattern of color codes
328,687,016Method and system for enhancing the quality of video prompts in an interactive media response system
338,686,946Dual-mode input device
348,686,412Microelectronic device
358,686,067Method of making a dispersion of polymer binder-encapsulated silica pigments and coated media including such dispersion
368,685,610Image transfer system and liquid toner for use therewith
378,685,609Marking agent concentration methods, marking agents, and hard imaging methods
388,685,503Paper with surface treatment
398,685,154Inks with water soluble near IR dyes
408,684,505Vent path for a liquid container
418,684,501Fluid ejection device
438,684,056Printing systems and methods


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