Google patents a system to charge wearable devices while in use

The biggest pain point with using electronic devices is that they need to charge quite frequently. It is mostly not possible to use a device as it is being charged.

Additionally, charging an electronic device generally requires a user to be in possession of an external charging connector. The external charging connector may be forgotten or misplaced by a user especially while transporting the connector from one location to another.

The patented system charges the wearable devices while they are still in use and without the need of external charging connector.

Wearable charging1


For example, the wearable device may be a wrist watch. The patented system wirelessly charges the wrist watch when it is within the proximate zone of regular use area. For wrist watch, the regular use area is the wrist rest area for an input device such as, a keyboard, a mouse pad, and a laptop base. These input devices are configured to wirelessly charge the wrist watch when it is in the vicinity.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 9,362,775
Patent Title: Charging wearable computing devices
Publication date: Jun 7, 2016
Filing date: Mar 4, 2013
Inventors: Jacobs; Michael Kevin
Original Assignee: Google Inc.