Microsoft patents technology to quickly generate 3D models of real life objects

This week we got a futuristic patent for you. This patent is from Microsoft. The patent mentions the names of 8 inventors.

And I am really excited to show you how this works.

The patent discloses a depth camera that captures depth images of a real-life object. We got a toy cat model, lets see how the invention works with this. We just rotate the the cat model in front of the depth camera, the invention removes the background automatically and generates an accurate 3D model.

This technology has humongous applications:
1. Users can create a 3D model of an object, and then create animations using the model.

2. All the users can modify the 3d model in their computers and 3D print it out to get the newly designed model in their hands

3. Another amazing application could be Google Street View. Google could use this technology to create 3D models of objects (such as cars, people, buildings) on the street. 3D street view will literally place viewers on the street.

Patent Information:
Patent Number – US9,053,571
Patent Title – Generating computer models of 3D objects
Inventors: Shotton; Jamie Daniel Joseph, Izadi; Shahram , Hilliges; Otmar, Kim; David, Molyneaux; David, Kohli; Pushmeet, Fitzgibbon; Andrew, Hodges; Stephen Edward
Assignee: Microsoft Corporation
Family ID: 1000001144579
Appl. No.: 13/154,288
Filed: June 6, 2011

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