Patented Passenger space vehicle




Patent Information:

Patent Title: Space vehicle comprising a multiple passenger bay module
Patent Number: 9,090,361
Inventors: Clay; Joseph Michael (Houston, TX)
Assignee: Spacedesign Corporation (Houston, TX)
Family ID: 1000001237931
Appl. No.: 13/669,385
Filed: November 5, 2012

Abstract: The application provides a space vehicle comprising a payload bay comprising a pressure vessel comprising a passenger bay module adapted to provide and maintain habitable conditions for twenty or more passengers during a mission traveling from earth to space and back to earth, the habitable conditions comprising (a) one or more service galley within the pressure vessel and adapted for access to the passenger bay module, and (b) the pressure vessel comprising a lavatory module physically separated from and rotatably abutting the passenger bay module, the lavatory module comprising an entry structure allowing access from the passenger bay module into the rotatably abutting lavatory module, the lavatory module comprising rotatable components comprising a lavatory component, the rotatable components being adapted to form the entry structure, wherein relative rotation of the rotatable components is adapted to produce sufficient centrifugal force in the lavatory component to maintain fluids in a sink and a toilet.