YouTube Red on Steroids!

YouTube provides a service called YouTube Red, which is a paid monthly subscription service. Subscribers of YouTube Red get advertisement free access to videos on YouTube.

PatentYogi_YouTube Red on Steroids

Now, Google plans to expand the service with multiple bundled channels containing videos from multiple providers.

The bundled channels will include videos selected according their type, viewing history, ratings, and similar factors. Further, the system will dynamically determine a price for the bundled channels based upon these factors. YouTube Red is currently available for $10 per month. However, the price of each bundled channel will vary based on the content included in the channels.

The resulting subscription revenue will be distributed to the various providers of the videos in the channel based on factors such as viewer interest, ratings, length, or the like.

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When users subscribe to the bundled channels, they will get advertisement free delivery of videos along with additional benefits like exclusive content.


The system may also allow YouTube partners to provide subscription based services to viewers directly.

Patent Information
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Filing date: 15 Dec 2015
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