How to Use Technology to Boost Employee Engagement

How to Use Technology to Boost Employee Engagement

Using technology will inevitably be a huge part of building your organisation. It might be by using computers and smartphones to keep in contact, or it could even be the heart of your business model. No matter what technology you use, or how, there will be a number of different tasks that it can do for you.

One of those can even be to improve employee engagement. This is important to you and your business, as having employees who are engaged will help to make you become even more of a success.

So, how can you use technology to get your staff to become more connected with your brand? These are a few items you could consider implementing.

Use it for social engagement

 Using technology for social interaction can help strengthen relationships between you and employees. By engaging with your employees socially, it’s also a good opportunity to create brand awareness. Your staff can then help to promote your brand by posting any ideas or thoughts they have, or about upcoming projects, which can help you reach potential new customers. Social engagement is another way for employees to find out about the latest services or products from competitors, too.

You can survey your employees to assess how engaged they are with your company. Using services from brands such as can show you what is and isn’t working.

Try collaborative working

 Work is better when it is flexible, so use technology to encourage your team to train and work virtually. They will then enjoy benefits such as being more motivated, happier and more productive.

You can still keep up to date with projects, as better communication between employees will help to boost employee engagement. You could, for instance, try file sharing, there are a number of different solutions available (Dropbox and Google Drive are some examples). It can be affordable to use mass storage, the interfaces available are easy to use, and what you have will not only be well communicated but also safe. They’ll also be backed up on the cloud.

You could also have shared whiteboards and forums to help people collaborate. Again, there are options whereby you can suggest ideas, ask questions, and compare notes with colleagues.

Organisation and project management tools can create, organise, and delegate tasks. There are programs that allow you to chat between tasks, and share certain elements of projects, which all make things easier, plus increase engagement and productivity too.

Use gamification

 An important part of training is generating enough motivation so that people will want to put in the effort and time to learn. So, as gamification makes activities such as training more captivating, using it in the correct way can increase participation rates in online learning courses and boost employee motivation.

It’s natural for people to want to compete; if there’s a fun way to do it that you can measure, then staff will start comparing with one another. Yet to deliver the expected results, you should assess your HR strategy, goals, and needs of your organisation.

Think about whether gamification can fit into your strategy before you invest in it.