First Colored television

The first Colored television (RCA CT-100) coming off the production line at Bloomington, Indiana, c 1954

RCA Corporation, founded as the Radio Corporation of America, was an American electronics company in existence from 1919 to 1986. General Electric took over the company in 1985 and split it up the following year. 

RCA demonstrated an all-electronic television system at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, and developed the USA’s first television test pattern. Thereafter, RCA began regular experimental television broadcasting from the NBC studios to the New York metropolitan area on April 30, 1939.

The Federal Communications Commission authorized the start of commercial television transmission on July 1, 1941. World War II slowed the deployment of television in the US, but RCA again began selling television sets almost immediately after the war ceased.

Here is a patent from RCA on their color TV technology. The patent specifically relates to synchronizing and time multiplexing circuits of the type employed in color television receivers. 

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Patent Information
Publication number: US2879328 A
Patent Title: Color Television
Publication date: Mar 24, 1959
Filing date: Jun 29, 1954
Priority date: Jun 29, 1954
Inventors: David Larky Norbert
Original Assignee: Rca Corp