Method, Device And System For Accessing An Eye-Mountable Device With A User Interface (US20150362753)


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The invention relates to a GUI of the smart contact lens that is used for training the smart contact lens. Initially, the GUI presents a prompt to the user for performing a viewing action such as gazing in a particular direction, moving the gaze in a path, blinking or closing the eyes. For example, the GUI may present prompts such as look up, look down, look left and look right. When the user performs the viewing actions, sensor information generated concurrent with such viewing actions are recorded and correlated with the viewing actions. This training can be used to identify a reference direction in a field of view or for setting the viewing action as a command.

The user is successively prompted to focus at markings or objects each a different distance from the user. For example, such items may be a book at a distance d1, a desktop computer at a distance d2, door 354 at a distance d3, and a view of a horizon distance d4 from the user. While the user is focusing on an item at a given distance, the smart lens may provide different accommodation levels at different times. The user may then be asked to indicate a preferred accommodation level. Alternatively, the association of a given optical strength with a gaze direction may be provided by a manufacturer of the smart contact lens or an eye prescription for the user.














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Publication number: US20150362753
Patent Title: Method, Device And System For Accessing An Eye-Mountable Device With A User Interface
Publication type: Grant
Publication date: 17 Dec 2015
Filing date: 1 May 2015
Inventors: Nathan Pletcher; Robert F. Wiser; Daniel J. Yeager; Shung-neng Lee;
Original Assignee: Google Inc.