CreepyIP #3 - Jack-o-lantern kit

The disclosure relates to Halloween decorating devices and more particularly pertains to a new Halloween decorating device for providing a re-usable jack-o-lantern and means for decorating the same.

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Patent Information
Patent Number: US8220964 B1
Patent Title: Jack-o-lantern kit

Application number: US 12/571,745
Publication date: 17 Jul 2012
Filing date: 1 Oct 2009
Priority date: 1 Oct 2009
Inventors: Frank L. Martin

Abstract: A jack-o-lantern kit includes a housing that has a bottom wall, a top wall and a perimeter wall that is attached to and extends between the top and bottom walls. The housing has a hollow interior space. The perimeter wall has an opening therein defining a mouth of a jack-o-lantern. The housing has a shape and size resembling a pumpkin. Each of a plurality of decorating attachments is removably coupled to the housing at a selected position to alter an appearance of the housing. A plurality of light emitters is mounted within the housing and a power source is electrically coupled to each of said light emitters.


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