Funny Patent of the Day - Abdominal support. This seems to be inspired from Man Bra episode from Seinfeld.

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Problem solved by this patent
A distended abdomen, typical of the later months of pregnancy, distorts a woman’s posture, putting a strain on her back and upon her abdominal muscles. In the case of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus adds to the problem:- women in their third trimester of pregnancy typically suffer from strained backs and abdominal muscles, together with varicose veins caused by the abnormal pressure on the vascular system. These problems often cause fatigue, and in many cases cause considerable discomfort and even pain.

Solution proposed by this patent
The invention provides an abdominal support which is not incorporated into a garment and which is effective in transferring part of the abdominal load to the wearer’s shoulders whilst offering a wide range of adjustment to suit the wearer’s particular size and shape.

Patent Information
Patent Number: US6846220
Patent Title: Abdominal support

Application number: US 10/415,848
PCT number: PCT/NZ2001/000243
Publication date: 25 Jan 2005
Filing date: 31 Oct 2001
Priority date: 1 Nov 2000
Fee status: Lapsed
Also published as: US20040067716, WO2002035951A1, WO2002035951A8
Inventors: Wendy May Wakefield

ABSTRACT: An abdominal support which includes a pair of shoulder and back straps, each of which passes over one of the wearers shoulders, crosses over the wearer’s upper back, and connects to the other shoulder and back strap at the wearer’s side; a sling support is secured to each shoulder and back strap at or adjacent the wearers side and a support sling extends from one sling support to the other, passing beneath the wearer’s abdomen in use; the sling incorporates length adjusters.