An independent inventor has patented a hyper-loop like transportation system

The transportation system is made of an evacuated tube containing a transport capsule which is designed to travel within the tube. The capsule is a light weight structure with a very low drag force which minimizes energy consumption. Cryostats are mounted on the top and bottom of the capsule along its length. Each cryostat is made of an electrically non-conductive housing that contains superconductor elements for use in linear induction for capsule acceleration/deceleration. Further, superconductor levitation force elements are divided between the upper and lower cryostats. A pair of permanent magnetic elements mounted at the top and bottom of the evacuated tube is then used to levitate the capsule. In order to steer the transport capsule, a pair of capsule based switchable diverge force elements cooperate with a pair of tube based diverge force elements.















Patent Information
Publication number: US 9228298
Patent Title: Evacuated tube transport system with interchange capability
Application number: US 13/831,497
Publication date: 05 Jan 2016
Filing date: 14 Mar 2013
Inventors: Daryl Oster
Original Assignee: Daryl Oster

8 US9228298