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PatentYogi_US 9073532_Homeostatic flying hovercraft


Patent Number: US 9,073532
Patent Title: Homeostatic flying hovercraft
Inventors: Pedersen; Brad (Minneapolis, MN), Spirov; Peter (Minneapolis, MN)
Assignee: QFO Labs, Inc. (Bloomington, MN)
Family ID: 1000001197365
Appl. No.: 13/092,940
Filed: April 23, 2011

Abstract: A homeostatic flying hovercraft preferably utilizes at least two pairs of counter-rotating ducted fans to generate lift like a hovercraft and utilizes a homeostatic hover control system to create a flying craft that is easily controlled. The homeostatic hover control system provides true homeostasis of the craft with a true fly-by-wire flight control and control-by-wire system control.