Google patents smart reminder technology

Traditionally, reminders are triggered by a date/time associated with a calendar event or a task. This patented technology triggers reminders based on determining co-presence of a user with other individuals using audible sounds. The audible sounds are captured by the user’s mobile device. Voice profiles of other individuals are pre-stored in the mobile device. The audible sounds detected in a nearby area are matched with pre-stored voice profiles to identify other individuals near the user.


The technology will provide many interesting applications. For example, a user may set reminders like “remind me to collect dues when co-present with a member of our club”.

Further, based on co-presence of the user with other individuals, the mobile device may open an app, e.g.,” play a happy birthday song when co-presence is detected with an individual with a birthday’]”, “send an email or text message to an individual when co-presence is detected with one or more other individuals”, or “take a picture”.


Patent Information
Publication number: US 9355640
Patent Title: Invoking action responsive to co-presence determination
Publication date: May 31, 2016
Filing date: Jun 04, 2014
Inventors: Andrew Theodore Wansley; Amay Nitin Champaneria;
Original Assignee: Google Inc.