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PatentYogi is a broadly diversified patent services firm providing services right from ideation to a granted patent and beyond.

Get one-year “patent pending” status for your invention. Quick and Less expensive way to establish priority date with the USPTO

Get invention assessment. Save money by determining patentable features of your invention before filing patent application.

Get exclusive right to your invention to prevent others from making, using, selling or importing for 20 years​

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Arianna Brooke

Co-Founder – MILLIANNA

I worked with Dhiraj of Patent Yogi to file for a design patent. The experience could not have been any easier or faster. Dhiraj was incredibly responsive replying to texts and emails even sent after hours or on the weekends. I would highly, highly recommend him and will work with him again!

Nick Bicanic

Founder – RVLRV

This was the first patent application I did in my life and you made the whole process not only affordable and easy – but also went above and beyond anything we could have expected. I look forward to working with you again.

Mangesh Mahajan

Partner – Watermark Venture Capital

We have successfully been issued patents by utilizing the superb services offered by Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications for us, which were then routed to the US, China and UK.

Carbon fiber materials feature lightweight, high mechanical strength, good corrosion resistance, and low thermal expansion. These are widely used in the industrial …

Performing maintenance operations of a large structure, such as wind turbines, dams, and power plants, is time-consuming, complicated, and costly. Moreover, it …

Various types of products such as fruits and vegetables are grown for consumption throughout the world. Condition for these products changes as …

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